PC Health

PC Health


PC Health is a suite of features and technologies focused on achieving the following three goals:

  • Improve the user experience by providing easier access to Help Content and support services.
  • Reduce support costs by providing a standard automated framework for Web-based support solutions.
  • Improve reliability of the operating system by enabling rapid response to product issues.

The PC Health documentation provides information about the DTD elements that are used to add information to Help and Support Center, and the Support Automation Framework (SAF) objects used to write applications that can submit and escalate support incidents.

Where applicable

PC Health provides a multitiered approach for support issues.

Help and Support Center makes it easy for the user to get the appropriate self-help (before escalating the issue), and to find professional and peer help when necessary.

If the Help and Support Center information is not enough, Support Automation Framework (SAF) applications make it easy for the user to escalate support incidents to the right support center. SAF provides support vendors with the infrastructure to create their own support channels and incident submission applications.

Developer audience

Developers writing scripting applications, specifically applications that automate incident submission and support escalation, and help desk applications.

Run-time requirements

PC Health applications can run on the following operating systems:

  • Windows Server 2003

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PC Health Reference

Documentation of scriptable objects and Help and Support Center DTD elements.




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