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Remote Differential Compression Structures

Remote Differential Compression Structures

The following structures are defined in RDC.

FindSimilarFileIndexResults Contains the file index information that the ISimilarityTraitsTable::FindSimilarFileIndex method returned for a matching file.
RdcBufferPointer Describes an input or output buffer.
RdcNeed Describes a chunk that is required to synchronize two sets of data.
RdcNeedPointer Describes what chunks from the source or seed data are required to create the target data.
RdcSignature Describe a signature and the length of the chunk used to generate the signature.
RdcSignaturePointer Describes an array of RdcSignature structures.
SimilarityData Contains the similarity data for a file.
SimilarityDumpData Contains the similarity information that was returned for a file by the ISimilarityTableDumpState::GetNextData method.
SimilarityFileId Contains the similarity file ID for a file.
SimilarityMappedViewInfo Contains information about a similarity mapped view.




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