UpgradedFiles_OptionalData Table (Patchwiz.dll)

The UpgradedFile_OptionalData table contains information about specific files in an upgraded image. This table is optional in the patch creation database (.pcp file) and is used by the UiCreatePatchPackageEx function.

The UpgradedFile_OptionalData table has the following columns.

SymbolPathstext Y
AllowIgnoreOnPatchErrorinteger Y
IncludeWholeFileinteger Y




Foreign key to the Upgraded column of the UpgradedImages Table (Patchwiz.dll).


File table key. Foreign key into File table of the .msi file of the upgraded image. If two or more upgraded images within a family have the same FTK value, the value must refer to the same file. Files shared by multiple upgrade images should have the same FTK to minimize cabinet file size.


The value in this field is added to the semicolon-delimited list of folders in the SymbolPaths column of the UpgradedImages Table (Patchwiz.dll) when the patch is generated, and can be used to add symbol files for a specific file.


Set to 1 to indicate that the patch is non-vital. Set to 0 to indicate that the patch is vital. If Windows Installer encounters a problem when applying this patch to the file specified in the FTK column, the value in this field determines whether the error message box includes an Ignore button to enable the user to continue the patching process.


Set to a nonzero value if the entire file specified in the FTK column should be installed rather than creating a binary patch.