UiCreatePatchPackageEx (Patchwiz.dll)

UiCreatePatchPackageEx (Patchwiz.dll)

The UiCreatePatchPackageEx function takes a package creation file (.pcp file) and generates a Windows Installer patch package (.msp package). Calling Msimsp.exe is the recommended method for using Patchwiz.dll.

The UiCreatePatchPackageEx function is available beginning with Patchwiz.dll version 4.0 and extends the functionality of the UiCreatePatchPackage function.

UINT UiCreatePatchPackageEx(
  LPCTSTR szPcpPath,              
  LPCTSTR szPatchPath,            
  LPCTSTR szLogPath,             
  HWND hwndStatus,                
  LPCTSTR szTempFolder,           
  BOOL fRemoveTempFolderContents,
  DWORD dwFlags,
  DWORD dwReserved	  



Full path to the patch creation properties file (.pcp file) for this patch.


Full path to the Windows Installer patch package (.msp file) that is to be created. This parameter may be NULL or an empty string but may not be omitted. If it is NULL or an empty string, the function uses the value of PatchOutputPath in the Properties Table (Patchwiz.dll).


Full path to a text log file that will be appended. This parameter may be NULL or an empty string but may not be omitted.


Handle to a window that displays the status text. This parameter may be NULL or an empty string but may not be omitted.


Location for temporary files. This parameter may be NULL or an empty string but may not be omitted. The user must have sufficient privileges to read and write to this folder. The default location is %TMP%\~pcw_tmp.tmp\.


If TRUE, remove the temporary folder and all of its contents if present. If FALSE, and folder is present, the function fails.


This parameter can be set to one or a combination of the following values to specify logging or user interface options.

LOGNONE0x00000000Write no messages to the log.
LOGINFO0x00000001Write informational messages to the log.
LOGWARN0x00000002Write warnings to the log.
LOGERR0x00000004Write error messages to the log.
LOGPERFMESSAGES0x00000008Write performance messages to the log.
UINONE0x00000000fDo not display the user interface.
UIALL0x00000010Display the user interface.



Reserved. This parameter must be set to zero.

Return Values

See the table in Return Values for UiCreatePatchPackage.


For an example of authoring a .pcp file and using UiCreatePatchPackage to generate a Windows Installer patch package, see the section A Small Update Patching Example.

Creating a patch requires an uncompressed setup image, such as an administrative image or an uncompressed setup image from a CD-ROM. UiCreatePatchPackage does not generate binary patches for files in cabinets.



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