Specifying Features

The Microsoft Installer enables users to install and remove blocks of application functionality that is referred to as Windows Installer Features. In this section you add information to the installation database about the features that are available for the Notepad sample. For more information, see Core Tables Group and Components and Features.

The Notepad sample installs features in a hierarchy of parent and child features. In the following list, child features are indented relative to their parent feature. The features should display in this order in the SelectionTree Control of the user interface (UI).


  • Readme
  • Help


  • January
    • NewYears


  • Baseball
  • Football


  • Concert
  • Dance

Use a database editor to open MNP2000.msi and enter the following data into the empty Feature Table.

ArtsArtsArts events at Red Park.203NOTEPADDIR0
BaseballSportBaseballBaseball Games173SPORTDIR32
ConcertArtsConcertConcert events at Red Park213ARTSDIR2
DanceArtsDanceDance events at Red Park233ARTSDIR2
FootballSportFootballFootball Games193SPORTDIR2
GateGateRed Park's Admissions63NOTEPADDIR0
HelpNotepadHelpHelp file.53NOTEPADDIR1
JanuaryGateJanuaryJanuary Admissions103MONDIR2
NewYearsJanuaryNew Years DayNew Years Day Admissions113HOLDIR2
NotepadNotepadNotepad Editor13NOTEPADDIR0
ReadmeNotepadReadmeReadme File33NOTEPADDIR0
SportSport EventsSport Events at Red Park143NOTEPADDIR0