Transform Attributes

The following attributes apply either to Media Foundation Transforms (MFTs), or to Activation Objects for MFTs, or both.

AttributeDescriptionApplies To
MF_ACTIVATE_MFT_LOCKED Specifies whether the Topology Loader will change the media types on an MFT.MFTs
MF_SA_D3D_AWARE Specifies whether a Media Foundation transform (MFT) supports DirectX Video Acceleration.MFTs
MF_TRANSFORM_ASYNC Specifies whether an MFT performs asynchronous processing.MFTs
MF_TRANSFORM_ASYNC_UNLOCK Enables the use of an asynchronous MFT.MFTs
MF_TRANSFORM_CATEGORY_Attribute Specifies the category for an MFT.MFT activation objects
MF_TRANSFORM_FLAGS_Attribute Contains flags for an MFT activation object.MFT activation objects
MFT_CODEC_MERIT_Attribute Contains the merit value of a hardware codec.MFT activation objects
MFT_CONNECTED_STREAM_ATTRIBUTE Contains a pointer to the stream attributes of the connected stream on a hardware-based MFT.MFTs
MFT_CONNECTED_TO_HW_STREAM Specifies whether a hardware-based MFT is connected to another hardware-based MFT.MFTs
MFT_ENUM_HARDWARE_URL_Attribute Contains the symbolic link for a hardware-based MFT.MFTs/MFT activation objects
MFT_FIELDOFUSE_UNLOCK_Attribute Contains an IMFFieldOfUseMFTUnlock pointer, which can be used to unlock the MFT.MFT activation objects
MFT_FRIENDLY_NAME_Attribute Contains the display name for a hardware-based MFT.MFT activation objects
MFT_INPUT_TYPES_Attributes Contains the registered input types for an MFT.MFT activation objects
MFT_OUTPUT_TYPES_Attributes Contains the registered output types for an MFT.MFT activation objects
MFT_PREFERRED_ENCODER_PROFILE Contains configuration properties for an encoder.MFT activation objects
MFT_PREFERRED_OUTPUTTYPE_Attribute Specifies the preferred output format for an encoder.MFT activation objects
MFT_PROCESS_LOCAL_Attribute Specifies whether an MFT is registered only in the application's process.MFT activation objects
MFT_SUPPORT_DYNAMIC_FORMAT_CHANGE Specifies whether a Media Foundation transform (MFT) supports dynamic format changes.MFTs
MFT_TRANSFORM_CLSID_Attribute Contains the class identifier (CLSID) of an MFT.MFT activation objects


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