PNRP Functions

The PNRP Namespace Provider API uses the following functions.

PeerNameToPeerHostName Encodes the supplied peer name as a format that can be used with a subsequent call to the getaddrinfo Windows Sockets function.
PeerHostNameToPeerName Decodes a host name returned by PeerNameToPeerHostName into the peer name string it represents.
PeerPnrpStartup Starts the Peer Name Resolution Protocol (PNRP) service for the calling peer.
PeerPnrpShutdown Shuts down a running instance of the Peer Name Resolution Protocol (PNRP) service and releases all resources associated with it.
PeerPnrpRegister Registers a peer with a PNRP cloud and returns a handle that can be used for registration updates.
PeerPnrpUpdateRegistration Updates the PNRP registration information for a name.
PeerPnrpUnregister Deregisters a peer from a PNRP cloud.
PeerPnrpResolve Obtains the endpoint address(es) registered for a specific peer name.
PeerPnrpStartResolve Starts an asynchronous peer name resolution operation.
PeerPnrpGetCloudInfo Retrieves information on the Peer Name Resolution Protocol (PNRP) clouds in which the calling peer is participating.
PeerPnrpEndResolve Closes the handle for an asynchronous PNRP resolution operation initiated with a previous call to PeerPnrpStartResolve.
PNRP and WSALookupServiceBegin Starts the process that allows an application to resolve names and enumerate network clouds.
PNRP and WSALookupServiceEnd Terminates a query initiated in a previous call to WSALookupServiceBegin.
PNRP and WSALookupServiceNext Matches queries specified in a previous call to WSALookupServiceBegin.
PNRP and WSANSPIoctl Receives notifications about changes to the network cloud list and availability of results of a name resolution request.
PNRP and WSASetService Registers or removes peer names.




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