Schedule Functions

The network management schedule service functions submit and manage jobs that execute on a specified computer at a particular time (or times) in the future. Jobs can include commands and programs. The functions manage jobs at remote and local computers, provided the schedule service is running on the computer.

The schedule service functions are listed following.

NetScheduleJobAdd Submits a job to run at a specified future date and time.
NetScheduleJobDel Cancels a range of jobs queued to run on a computer.
NetScheduleJobEnum Lists the jobs queued on a specified computer.
NetScheduleJobGetInfo Returns information about a particular job queued on a computer.
GetNetScheduleAccountInformation Retrieves the AT Service account name.
SetNetScheduleAccountInformation Sets the AT Service account name and password.


For the network management schedule functions to succeed, a caller must have administrator's privilege at the computer where the schedule service is running. The schedule service functions are also known as "Job" and "AT command" functions. For more information about calling functions that require administrator privileges, see Running with Special Privileges.

The AT_INFO structure is used by the NetScheduleJobAdd function to specify information when submitting a job, and by the NetScheduleJobGetInfo function to retrieve information about a job that has been submitted. The AT_ENUM structure is used by NetScheduleJobEnum to enumerate and return information about an entire queue of submitted jobs.