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Msitran.exe uses MsiDatabaseGenerateTransform, MsiCreateTransformSummaryInfo, and MsiDatabaseApplyTransform to generate or apply a transform file.

This tool is only available in the Windows SDK Components for Windows Installer Developers.


Use the following syntax to generate a transform.

msitran -g {base db}{ref db}{transform file name}[{error conditions / validation conditions}]

Use the following syntax to apply a transform

msitran -a {transform}{database}[{error conditions}]

Command Line Options

Msitran.exe uses the following case-insensitive command line options. A slash delimiter may also be used in place of a dash.

-gTransform generation.
-aTransform application.


The following errors may be suppressed when applying a transform. To suppress an error, include the appropriate character in the {error conditions} argument. Conditions specified with -g are placed in the summary information of the transform, but are not used when applying a transform with -a. For information, see MsiDatabaseApplyTransform.

OptionSuppressed error
aAdd existing row.
bDelete non-existing row.
cAdd existing table.
dDelete non-existing table.
eModify existing row.
fChange codepage.


The following validation conditions may be used to indicate when a transform may be applied to a package. These conditions may be specified with -g, but not -a.

OptionValidation condition
gCheck upgrade code.
lCheck language.
pCheck platform.
rCheck product.
sCheck major version only.
tCheck major and minor versions only.
uCheck major, minor, and upgrade versions.
vApplied database version < Base database version.
wApplied database version <= Base database version.
xApplied database version = Base database version.
yApplied database version >= Base database version.
zApplied database version > Base database version.


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