Merge Module ICE Reference

The following list provides links to each Merge Module ICE.

ICEMBrief description of Merge Module ICE
ICEM01 Validates that the ICE mechanism is working.
ICEM02 Validates that all module exclusions and dependencies relate to the current module.
ICEM03 Validates that all actions in the module are either base actions or derive from a base action.
ICEM04 Verifies that the merge module's required empty tables are indeed empty.
ICEM05 Checks for invalid associations with components.
ICEM06 Checks for invalid references to features by the module.
ICEM07 Validates that the order of files in the sequence tables and in MergeModule.CABinet file match.
ICEM08 Ensures that a module does not exclude something it depends on.
ICEM09 Verifies that the merge module safely handles predefined directories.
ICEM10 Verifies that a merge module does not contain disallowed properties in the Property Table.
ICEM11 Verifies that a Configurable Merge Module lists the ModuleConfiguration table and ModuleSubstitution table in the ModuleIgnoreTable table of the module.
ICEM12 Verifies that in a ModuleSequence table, standard actions have Sequence numbers and custom actions have BaseAction and After values.
ICEM13 Verifies that publisher policy and configuration assemblies are not included in the merge module.
ICEM14 Validates the Value Column of the ModuleSubstitution table.


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