MFSampleExtension_SingleField attribute

Specifies whether a video sample contains a single field or two interleaved fields. This attribute applies to media samples.

Data type

BOOL stored as UINT32


To get this attribute, call IMFAttributes::GetUINT32.

To set this attribute, call IMFAttributes::SetUINT32.

Applies to



If the value is TRUE, the sample contains one field. If the value is FALSE or the attribute is not set, the sample contains a complete frame. (Two fields if interlaced, or a progressive frame.)

If the media type is progressive frames or interleaved fields, this attribute must be FALSE or left unset.

If the media type is single field, this attribute must be TRUE. Set the MFSampleExtension_BottomFieldFirst attribute on the sample to indicate whether it is the upper field or the lower field.

Currently the enhanced video renderer (EVR) does not support content that switches between interlaced frames and single fields.

The GUID constant for this attribute is exported from mfuuid.lib.


Minimum supported client

Windows Vista [desktop apps | Windows Store apps]

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2008 [desktop apps | Windows Store apps]



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