Further Information on the Failover Cluster API

For more information on the technologies used by the Failover Cluster API, refer to the following resources.


Installing, configuring, and administering a failover cluster

Using Cluster Administrator

The documentation included with the operating system.
The concept of clustering, common clustering models, and the history and current state of clustering technologyIn Search of Clusters, Second Edition, by Gregory F. Pfister, ISBN: 0-13-899709-8. (It also compares failover clusters with other clustering solutions.)
Component Object Model (COM) programming and AutomationCOM and Automation documentation on MSDN. In addition, the book Inside COM by Dale Rogerson, ISBN: 1-57231-349-8, presents a good introduction to COM theory and design using C/C++.
Supporting Unicode in your applications Unicode. Another excellent source of Unicode information is Advanced Windows by Jeffrey Richter.
ScriptingWindows Script Host, Active Server Pages (ASP), Scripting, JScript Language, and VBScript Language References on MSDN.
Synchronization objects, asynchronous event notifications, reentrancy, services, and thread and process management DLLs and Processes and Threads.


Note  These resources may not be available in some languages and countries.