Topology Attributes

The following attributes apply to topologies.

MF_TOPOLOGY_DXVA_MODE Specifies whether the topology loader enables Microsoft DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA) in the topology.
MF_TOPOLOGY_DYNAMIC_CHANGE_NOT_ALLOWED Specifies whether the Media Session attempts to modify the topology when the format of a stream changes.
MF_TOPOLOGY_ENUMERATE_SOURCE_TYPES Specifies whether the topology loader enumerates the media types provided by the media source.
MF_TOPOLOGY_HARDWARE_MODE Specifies whether to include hardware-based transforms in the topology.
MF_TOPOLOGY_NO_MARKIN_MARKOUT Specifies whether the pipeline trims samples.
MF_TOPOLOGY_PLAYBACK_FRAMERATE Specifies the monitor refresh rate.
MF_TOPOLOGY_PLAYBACK_MAX_DIMS Specifies the size of the destination window for video playback.
MF_TOPOLOGY_PROJECTSTART Specifies the topology start time within the current segment, in 100-nanosecond units.
MF_TOPOLOGY_PROJECTSTOP Specifies the topology stop time within the current segment, in 100-nanosecond units.
MF_TOPOLOGY_RESOLUTION_STATUS Specifies the status of an attempt to resolve a topology.
MF_TOPOLOGY_START_TIME_ON_PRESENTATION_SWITCH Specifies the start time for presentations that are queued after the first presentation.
MF_TOPOLOGY_STATIC_PLAYBACK_OPTIMIZATIONS Enables static optimizations in the video pipeline.
MFT_FIELDOFUSE_UNLOCK_Attribute Contains an IMFFieldOfUseMFTUnlock pointer, which is used to unlock an MFT with field-of-use restrictions. For more information, see Field of Use Restrictions.


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