ICE97 verifies that two components do not isolate a shared component to the same directory.


ICE97 posts the following warnings.

ICE97 WarningDescription
This component [1] installs the Shared component into the same directory [2] as another, which breaks component rules if both (or more) components are selected for install. Two components must not isolate a shared component to the same directory.


For example, Component1 and Component2, which share ComponentShared, are installed to the same directory. Both specify ComponentShared as an isolated component. Because of the isolation, the files in ComponentShared are copied twice into the Directory_ reference for Component1 and Component2. The components now have one reference count on the copy of files. This is in violation of the Installer component rules. If Component1 is uninstalled, the isolated components files are removed and Component2 is broken.

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