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ICE31 validates any predefined font styles used in controls that display text. It also validates that the DefaultUIFont property refers to a valid font style.

Controls can have a predefined font style as described in Adding Controls and Text. To set the font and font style of a text string, prefix the string of displayed characters with {\style} or {&style}. Where style is an identifier listed in the TextStyle column of the TextStyle table. If neither of these are present, but the DefaultUIFont property is defined as a valid text style, that font will be used.

ICE31 checks the Text column for each control in the Control Table to verifies that a valid entry exist in the TextStyle table.

ICE31 ignores the ScrollableText Control.


ICE31 posts an error message for undefined styles, style names that are too long, a missing TextStyle table, and style tags with no closing brace.

ICE31 posts a warning if the style tag is not at the beginning of the line, or if a control has multiple style tags.


ICE31 posts the following errors for the example shown:

  • Control DialogB.Control1 uses undefined TextStyle BadStyle.
  • Control DialogB.Control2 uses undefined TextStyle BadStyle.
  • Control DialogB.Control6 is missing closing brace in text style.
  • Control DialogB.Control3 specifies a text style that is too long to be valid.

ICE31 posts the following warning for the example shown:

  • Text Style tag in DialogB.Control4 has no effect. Do you really want it to appear as text?

Control Table (partial)

DialogAControl0{\OKStyle}This is the text to display.
DialogAControl1{&OKStyle}This is the text to display.
DialogBControl1{&BadStyle}This is the text to display.
DialogBControl2{\BadStyle}This is the text to display.
DialogBControl3{&Style that is over 72 chars and therefore cannot possibly be a style even if somehow you did manage to get it in the TextStyle table}This is the text to display.
DialogBControl4Warning {\OKStyle}This is the text to display.
DialogBControl5{\OKStyle}{&OKStyle}This is the text to display.
DialogBControl6{\OKStyle This is the text to display.


TextStyle table (partial)



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