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ICE03 validates the data types and foreign keys based on the _Validation table and the database tables in the .msi file.


ICE03 posts the following messages for the validation errors.

ICE03 error messageDescription
Duplicate Primary KeyThe primary keys of a new row duplicates the primary keys of an existing row. The Nullable column of the _Validation table shows the primary keys in the database.
Not A Nullable ColumnA table column that is not specified as nullable in the Nullable column of the _Validation table contains an entry that is Null.
Not A Valid Foreign KeyA column that is a foreign key into a second table contains an entry that does not exist in the primary key of the second table.
Value exceeds MaxValueThe numeric value of an entry in a database table exceeds the maximum limit specified for this field in the MaxValue column of the _Validation table.
Value below MinValueThe numeric value of an entry in a database table is less than the minimum limit specified for this field in the MinValue column of the _Validation table.
Value not a member of the setThe value of an entry in a database table is not a member of the acceptable set of values specified for this field in the Set column of the _Validation table.
Invalid version stringSee the Version data type.
All UPPER case requiredSee the UpperCase data type.
Invalid GUID stringSee the GUID data type.
Invalid file name/usage of wildcardsThe database contains an invalid file name or an incorrect wildcard. See the WildCardFilename data type.
Invalid identifierSee the Identifier data type.
Invalid Language IdThe database contains an invalid numeric Language Identifier (LANGID). See the Language data type.

See Language Identifier Constants and Strings. For example, 1033 for the U.S. and 0 for language neutral.

Invalid FilenameSee the Filename data type.
Invalid full pathSee the Path, AnyPath, and Paths data types.
Bad conditional stringThe database contains an invalid conditional string. This is a text string that must evaluate to TRUE or FALSE according to the Conditional Statement Syntax. See the Condition data type.
Invalid format stringSee the Formatted data type.
Invalid template stringSee the Template data type.
Invalid DefaultDir stringSee the DefaultDir data type.
Invalid registry pathSee the RegPath data type.
Bad CustomSource dataSee the CustomSource data type.
Invalid property stringSee the Property data type.
Missing data in _Validation table or old DatabaseThere are columns in the database that are not listed in the Column column of the _Validation table. The database and _Validation table do not match
Bad cabinet syntax/nameSee the Cabinet data type.
_Validation table: Invalid category stringThis is an error in authoring the _Validation table. Validation does not recognize the category string used for this particular column in the _Validation table. See Column Data Types and specify a valid category.
_Validation table: Data in KeyTable column is incorrectThe KeyTable column in the _Validation table references a table that does not exist in the database.
_Validation table: Value in MaxValue column < that in MinValue columnThis is an error in authoring the _Validation table. Min must always be less than or equal to Max.
Bad shortcut targetSee the Shortcut data type.
String overflow (greater than length permitted in column)The string's length is greater than the column width specified by the column definition. Note that the installer does not internally limit the column width to the specified value. See Column Definition Format.
Undefined errorUnknown error.
Column cannot be localizedPrimary key columns cannot be localized.


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