FirstRun Dialog

A FirstRun dialog box sequence collects user name, company name, and product ID information. The installer verifies the product ID during this dialog.

A FirstRun dialog box sequence is usually not a part of the action sequence and is instead called by the MsiCollectUserInfo function on the first run of the product.

An author of an installer package may use the template dialog sequence or create a different sequence. The dialog sequence however needs to have the user set the following properties:

The product ID will be validated during the dialog using the ValidateProductID action or the ValidateProductID ControlEvent.

If the product ID is set as a property on the command line, or by a transform, then the necessity of having the user reenter the product ID during the first-run dialog can be circumvented by controlling the display using the ProductID property. Following the successful validation of the product ID the ProductID property is set to the full, valid product ID.