Creating a Small Update Patch

When creating a patch for small updates, authors should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Small update patches must be designed for a single, target installation.
  • Small update patches should use the earliest version as the target installation.
  • A small update patch should replace and make obsolete any earlier small update patches.

The following scenario illustrates when a small update patch is best.

Your company ships version 1.0 of Myproduct.msi. Shortly thereafter, you ship a small update patch for Myproduct.msi called QFE1. This does not change the ProductCode property or the ProductVersion property.

Later, you author a second small update patch for Myproduct.msi called QFE2. This second patch must target Myproduct.msi version 1.0. This second patch must not target both Myproduct.msi version 1.0 and Myproduct.msi version 1.0 + QFE1. When QFE2 is applied it should remove QFE1.