Control Attributes

For information on control attributes, see the link to the particular control that you need to create in Controls as well as the links to particular control attributes in the following lists.

The following methods are used for specifying the attributes of a control:

  • Use the ControlCondition table to disable, enable, hide, or show a control according to the value of a property or conditional statement. You can also use this table to override the default control specified in the Dialog table.
  • Subscribe the control to a ControlEvent in the EventMapping table. Enter the attribute's identifier in the Attribute column and the ControlEvent's identifier in the Event column of this table.
  • Set the control attribute bit flags for the control in the Attribute column of the Control table. This sets the attributes upon the creation of the control.

Some attributes cannot be set for every control or be specified by all of the above methods. See the particular control and attribute topics for details.

The initial values of some control attributes can be set with bits in the Control table.

BiDi 2240x000000E0msidbControlAttributesBiDi
Enabled 20x00000002msidbControlAttributesEnabled
Indirect 80x00000008msidbControlAttributesIndirect
Integer Control 160x00000010msidbControlAttributesInteger
LeftScroll 1280x00000080msidbControlAttributesLeftScroll
RightAligned 640x00000040msidbControlAttributesRightAligned
RTLRO 320x00000020msidbControlAttributesRTLRO
Sunken 40x00000004msidbControlAttributesSunken
Visible 10x00000001msidbControlAttributesVisible


These attributes of Text controls are set with bits.

FormatSize 5242880x00080000msidbControlAttributesFormatSize
NoPrefix 1310720x00020000msidbControlAttributesNoPrefix
NoWrap 2621440x00040000msidbControlAttributesNoWrap
Password 20971520x00200000msidbControlAttributesPasswordInput
Transparent 655360x00010000msidbControlAttributesTransparent
UsersLanguage 10485760x00100000msidbControlAttributesUsersLanguage


This attribute of the ProgressBar control is set with a bit.

Progress95 655360x00010000msidbControlAttributesProgress95


These attributes of Volume and Directory SelectCombo controls are set with bits.

CDROMVolume 5242880x00080000msidbControlAttributesCDROMVolume
FixedVolume 1310720x00020000msidbControlAttributesFixedVolume
FloppyVolume 20971520x00200000msidbControlAttributesFloppyVolume
RAMDiskVolume 10485760x00100000msidbControlAttributesRAMDiskVolume
RemoteVolume 2621440x00040000msidbControlAttributesRemoteVolume
RemovableVolume 655360x00010000msidbControlAttributesRemovableVolume


These attributes of ListBox and ComboBox controls are set with bits.

ComboList Control 1310720x00020000msidbControlAttributesComboList
Sorted Control 655360x00010000msidbControlAttributesSorted


This attribute of the Edit control is set with a bit.

MultiLine 655360x00010000msidbControlAttributesMultiline


These attributes of PictureButton controls are set with bits.

Bitmap 2621440x00040000msidbControlAttributesBitmap
FixedSize 10485760x00100000msidbControlAttributesFixedSize
Icon 5242880x00080000msidbControlAttributesIcon
IconSize16 20971520x00200000msidbControlAttributesIconSize16
IconSize32 41943040x00400000msidbControlAttributesIconSize32
IconSize48 62914560x00600000msidbControlAttributesIconSize48
PushLike Control 1310720x00020000msidbControlAttributesPushLike


This attribute of RadioButton control is set with a bit.

HasBorder 167772160x01000000msidbControlAttributesHasBorder


This attribute of PushButton control is set with a bit.

ElevationShield 83886080x00800000msidbControlAttributesElevationShield


This attribute of VolumeCostList control is set with a bit.

ControlShowRollbackCost 41943040x00400000msidbControlShowRollbackCost


The following control attributes are not set with bits. These attributes are authored into the user interface tables or are set using Control Events.


Progress Control
Text Control

See Adding Controls and Text.