Adding a Custom CustomUserAccounts Table

A specification of the sample is that user account information be read from a custom table in the installation database and not hard-coded into the custom action.

Add a custom table to the sample installation database named CustomUserAccounts to hold user account information. See Examples of Database Queries Using SQL and Script for an example of how to add a custom table. Use the following schema for the CustomUserAccounts table. See Column Definition Format for an explanation of the column types.

UserNames72YNName of user account being created.
Passwords72NName of property containing the password for the account. This is a public property set on the command line or through an edit control in the user interface. This edit control should have the Password Control Attribute.
Attributesi4YAttributes for account. These are defined as the DWORD values for the usri1_flags member of the USER_INFO_1 structure.


After the CustomUserAccounts table has been added to the database you may edit this table using Orca, a table editor provided with the Windows Installer SDK, or another editor. Enter the following record in the CustomUserAccounts table to create a password secured user account for a user called TestUser. Note that 512 is the numeric value for UF_NORMAL_ACCOUNT.

CustomUserAccounts Table



Add the following records to the _Validation table for the custom table.

_Validation Table

CustomUserAccountsUserNameN Text
CustomUserAccountsPasswordN Identifier


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