Event Attributes

The following attributes apply to events.

MF_EVENT_DO_THINNING When a media source requests a new playback rate, specifies whether the source also requests thinning.
MF_EVENT_OUTPUT_NODE Identifies the topology node for a stream sink.
MF_EVENT_PRESENTATION_TIME_OFFSET Offset between the presentation time and the media source's time stamps.
MF_EVENT_SCRUBSAMPLE_TIME Presentation time for a sample that was rendered while scrubbing.
MF_EVENT_SESSIONCAPS Contains flags that define the capabilities of the Media Session, based on the current presentation.
MF_EVENT_SESSIONCAPS_DELTA Contains flags that indicate which capabilities have changed in the Media Session, based on the current presentation.
MF_EVENT_SOURCE_ACTUAL_START Contains the start time when a media source restarts from its current position.
MF_EVENT_SOURCE_CHARACTERISTICS Specifies the current characteristics of the media source.
MF_EVENT_SOURCE_CHARACTERISTICS_OLD Specifies the previous characteristics of the media source.
MF_EVENT_SOURCE_FAKE_START Specifies whether the current segment topology is empty.
MF_EVENT_SOURCE_PROJECTSTART Specifies the start time for a segment topology.
MF_EVENT_SOURCE_TOPOLOGY_CANCELED Specifies whether the sequencer source canceled a topology.
MF_EVENT_START_PRESENTATION_TIME The starting time for the presentation, in 100-nanosecond units, as measured by the presentation clock.
MF_EVENT_START_PRESENTATION_TIME_AT_OUTPUT The presentation time at which the media sinks will render the first sample of the new topology.
MF_EVENT_TOPOLOGY_STATUS Specifies the status of a topology during playback.
MF_SESSION_APPROX_EVENT_OCCURRENCE_TIME The approximate time when the Media Session raised an event.


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