notify_flag attribute

The [notify_flag] attribute provides notification identifying whether a server routine is called.

[notify_flag] procedure-name();



Name of the remote procedure with which the notify_flag procedure is associated.


The [notify_flag] attribute is similar in usage to the [notify] attribute.

The [notify_flag] procedure name is the name of the remote procedure suffixed by _notify_flag. The _notify_flag procedure does not require any parameters and does not return a result. A prototype of this procedure is also generated in the header file. For example, if the IDL file contains the following:

MyProcedure([in] short S);

Specify the following in the ACF for MIDL to generate the _notify_flag call:

[notify_flag] MyProcedure();

The MIDL compiler will generate server stub code which contains the following call to the _notify_flag procedure:


The header file will contain a prototype:

void MyProcedure_notify_flag(boolean __MIDL_NotifyFlag);

_MIDL_NotifyFlag is TRUE if the server routine is called.


[notify_flag] MyProcedure();

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