About this Guide

This section is a reference for the Microsoft Interface Definition Language (MIDL) and a user's guide for the MIDL compiler, which generates C-language files from IDL files.

The Using the MIDL Compiler section lists the requirements for the C-compiler and pre-processor with which MIDL must interoperate. This section also describes the files that the MIDL compiler generates for RPC stubs, DCOM stubs and OLE Automation type libraries.

The Interface Definitions and Type Libraries section provides information about how to create Interface Definition (IDL) and Application Configuration (ACF) files for MIDL, including reference pages for IDL and ACF attributes. There is also information about how to import files and type libraries, and importing system header files.

The MIDL Command-Line Reference section contains reference information for each command-line switch and switch option recognized by the MIDL Compiler.

The MIDL Language Reference section contains a reference entry for each keyword in the Microsoft Interface Definition Language.

The MIDL Compiler Errors and Warnings section lists the error and warning messages that the MIDL compiler can generate.