Peer Method API Call Sequence

This topic provides the specific call sequence for the peer method API. During a typical EAP authentication session EAPHost makes a number of calls on EAP methods to implement the EAPHost peer method API.

The following list demonstrates the sequence of calls made by EAPHost on an EAP peer method.

  • Loads the EAP peer method DLL used for the authentication.
  • Calls EapPeerGetInfo on the method to obtain a list of pointers to functions implemented on the DLL. Subsequent function calls by the EAPHost peer (client) are assumed to be implemented on the DLL.
  • Calls EapPeerInitialize to instruct the EAP Method Library to prepare for at least one authentication session using this peer method.
  • Calls EapPeerBeginSession to establish a unique authentication session.
  • Calls EapPeerGetIdentity to obtain the identity to use for authentication. If the identity is not available, or if the user must provide additional information, EAPHost calls EapPeerGetUIContext. This function obtains the context information for the user interface dialog box that will be raised on the supplicant. After the user has submitted the identity information, the user identity is set with a call to EapPeerSetUIContext, and obtained by a call to EapPeerGetIdentity.
  • Repeats the following steps until EapPeerProcessRequestPacket indicates that an authentication result is available.
  • When the authenticator sends an action code that indicates authentication is complete, EAPHost calls EapPeerGetResult and obtains the results of the authentication.
  • Calls EapPeerEndSession to end the authentication session.
  • Calls EapPeerShutdown to unload the peer method DLL.
  • Unloads the EAP Method Library.

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