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Common EAPHost API Structures

Common EAPHost API Structures

The following table lists structures that are common to all EAPHost API technologies.

EAP_ATTRIBUTE Contains an EAP attribute.
EAP_ATTRIBUTES Contains an array of EAP attributes.
EAP_CONFIG_INPUT_FIELD_ARRAY Contains a set of EAP_CONFIG_INPUT_FIELD_DATA structures that collectively contain the user input field data obtained from an EAP Single-Sign-On (SSO) configuration dialog.
EAP_CONFIG_INPUT_FIELD_DATA Contains the data associated with a single input field on a EAP Single-Sign-On (SSO) configuration dialog.
EAP_ERROR Contains data about an error that occurred during an EAPHost operation.
EAP_METHOD_INFO Contains specific data for an EAP method.
EAP_METHOD_INFO_EX Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 (SP1) or later: Contains specific data for an EAP method.
EAP_METHOD_INFO_ARRAY Contains information on EAP methods installed on the client computer.
EAP_METHOD_INFO_ARRAY_EX Windows Vista with SP1 or later: Contains information about all of the EAP methods installed on the client computer.
EAP_METHOD_TYPE Contains type, identification, and author data for an EAP method.
EAP_TYPE Contains type and vendor identification data for an EAP method.
EapPacket Contains a packet of opaque data sent during an EAP authentication session.




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