Bluetooth and WSAQUERYSET for Device Inquiry

In Bluetooth, the WSAQUERYSET structure, is used to facilitate the discovery of devices and services in the Bluetooth namespace, NS_BTH.

The WSALookupServiceBegin and WSALookupServiceNext functions use the WSAQUERYSET structure to obtain information about the device inquiry process. The following table lists and describes member values in the WSAQUERYSET structure.

MemberInput to WSALookupServiceBegin with LUP_CONTAINERS specifiedReturned value from WSALookupServiceNext
dwSizeMust be set to sizeof(WSAQUERYSET).sizeof(WSAQUERYSET) returned by system.
dwOutputFlagsNot used.May have one or more of these flags set:

BTHNS_RESULT_DEVICE_CONNECTED Specifies the device is connected.

BTHNS_RESULT_DEVICE_REMEMBERED Specifies the device is a remembered device. Not all remembered devices are authenticated.

BTHNS_RESULT_DEVICE_AUTHENTICATED Specifies the device is authenticated, paired, or bonded. All authenticated devices are remembered.

lpszServiceInstanceNameNot used.Display name of the device, originally returned from a Bluetooth Remote Name Request operation, and possibly updated by the local user. Returned if LUP_RETURN_NAME is specified.
lpServiceClassIdNot used.The 32-bit Bluetooth class of device (COD) field mapped to the Data1 member of the GUID. Returned if LUP_RETURN_TYPE is specified.
lpVersionNot used.Not used.
lpszCommentNot used.Not used.
dwNameSpaceMust be NS_BTH.Returns NS_BTH.
lpNSProviderIdNot used.Not used.
lpszContextNot used.Not used.
dwNumberOfProtocolsNot used.Not used.
lpafpProtocolsNot used.Not used.
lpszQueryStringNot used.Not used.
dwNumberOfCsAddrsNot used.Indicates the number of elements in the array of CSADDR_INFO structures.
lpcsaBufferNot used.Pointer to a CSADDR_INFO structure with its LocalAddr.lpSockaddr member pointing to a SOCKADDR_BTH structure with the address of the remote device. Returned if LUP_RETURN_ADDR is specified.
lpBlobOptional. May point to a BLOB structure that points to a BTH_QUERY_DEVICE structure that may limit the length of non-cached device inquiry operations.Pointer to a BLOB structure that points to a BTH_DEVICE_INFO structure. lpBlob is returned if LUP_RETURN_BLOB is specified. Specify LUP_RETURN_NAME to retrieve the name field of BTH_DEVICE_INFO.


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