UiaRaiseStructureChangedEvent Function

Called by a provider to notify the Microsoft UI Automation core that the tree structure has changed.


HRESULT UiaRaiseStructureChangedEvent(          IRawElementProviderSimple *pProvider,
    StructureChangeType structureChangeType,
    int *pRuntimeId,
    int cRuntimeIdLen


[in] The address of the IRawElementProviderSimple interface of the provider node where the tree change occurred.
[in] A value from of the StructureChangeType enumerated type that specifies the type of change that occurred in the tree.
[in]  The address of an array of integers that specify the runtime IDs for the child elements of the provider node where the tree change occurred. This parameter is used only when structureChangeType is StructureChangeType_ChildRemoved; it is NULL for all other structure-change events.
Note  For Windows 7, the array of integers pointed to by pRuntimeId can contain a partial set of IDs that identify only those elements affected by the structure change.
[in] Length of the array of integers.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if successful or an error value otherwise.


An example of a change in the tree structure is child elements being added to or removed from a list box, or being expanded or collapsed in a tree view.

Function Information

Stock Implementation uiautomationcore.dll
Custom Implementation No
Header uiautomationcoreapi.h
Import library uiautomationcore.lib
Minimum operating systems Windows XP

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