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IIS 7.0

IIS 7 and IIS 8 enable developers to extend IIS to provide custom functionality in new, more powerful ways. IIS extensibility starts with an all-new set of core server APIs, which support module development by using both native-code (C, C++) and managed-code (C#, Visual Basic, C++) languages.

Although developers can create applications by using familiar technologies such as ASP.NET, ISAPI, CGI, and so on, they can also take advantage of new features in IIS 7 and IIS 8, such as the new integrated request-processing pipeline.

Native-Code Development Overview
Describes how to create Hosted Web Core applications and native-code HTTP modules for use with IIS 7 and IIS 8.

Native-Code API Reference
Discusses the APIs that are available to native-code developers.

Managed-Code API Reference
Provides the managed-code API for IIS.

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