This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Sample ADO.NET Scenarios

.NET Framework 1.1

This section includes information about common scenarios in applications working with relational data, and how ADO.NET and the .NET Framework can be used to create a solution.

In This Section

Retrieving Identity or Autonumber Values
Provides an example of mapping the value generated for an Identity field in a Microsoft SQL Server table, and an Autonumber field in a Microsoft Access table, to a column of an inserted row in a table.
Optimistic Concurrency
Describes the optimistic concurrency model and provides an example of how to test for optimistic concurrency violations using ADO.NET.
Consuming a DataSet from an XML Web Service
Provides an example of an XML Web service that returns data from a data source as a DataSet, as well as receives an updated DataSet and resolves the changes back to the data source.
Paging Through a Query Result
Provides an example of viewing the results of a query as pages of data.
Conserving Resources When Writing BLOB Values to SQL Server
Provides an example of writing a binary large object (BLOB) to a SQL Server database in "chunks" to preserve system memory.

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Accessing Data with ADO.NET
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