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Miscellaneous Visual Basic Errors

260 No timer available
282 No foreign application responded to a DDE initiate
285 Foreign application won't perform DDE method or operation
286 Timeout while waiting for DDE response
287 User pressed Escape key during DDE operation
288 Destination is busy
290 Data in wrong format
293 DDE Method invoked with no channel open
294 Invalid DDE Link format
295 Message queue filled; DDE message lost
296 PasteLink already performed on this control
297 Can't set LinkMode; invalid LinkTopic
298 System DLL 'dll' could not be loaded
320 Can't use character device names in file names: 'item'
321 Invalid file format
325 'Item' is not a valid resource file
326 Resource with identifier 'item' not found
327 Data value named 'item' not found
328 Illegal parameter. Can't write arrays
335 Could not access system registry
336 ActiveX component not correctly registered
337 Component not found in registered location
338 Component could not successfully create requested object
339 Component 'item' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered . . .
340 Control array element 'item' doesn't exist
341 Invalid control array index
342 Not enough room to allocate control array 'item'
343 Object not an array
344 Must specify index for object array
345 Reached limit: cannot create any more controls on this form
360 Object already loaded
361 Can't load or unload this object
362 Can't unload controls created at design time
363 ActiveX control 'item' not found
364 Object was unloaded
365 Unable to unload within this context
366 No MDI form available to load
367 Can't load (or register) ActiveX control: 'item'
368 The file 'item' is out of date. This program requires a newer ver...
369 Operation not valid in an ActiveX DLL
370 The ActiveX Designer's Type Information does not match what was s...
371 The specified object can't be used as an owner form for Show()
378 'item' cannot be set while loading
379 You can't put a Default or Cancel button on a Property Page
380 Invalid property value
381 Invalid property array index
382 'Item' property cannot be set at run time
383 'Item' property is read-only
384 A form can't be moved or sized while minimized or maximized
385 Must specify index when using property array
387 'Item' property can't be set on this control
388 Can't set Visible property from a parent menu
389 Invalid key
393 'Item' property cannot be read at run time
394 'Item' property is write-only
395 Cannot use separator bar as menu name for this control
396 'Item' property cannot be set within a page
397 Can't load, unload, or set Visible property for top level menus w...
398 Client Site not available
399 You can't put a Default or Cancel button on a User Control unless...
400 Form already displayed; can't show modally
401 Can't show non-modal form when modal form is displayed
402 Must close or hide topmost modal form first
403 MDI forms cannot be shown modally
404 MDI child forms cannot be shown modally
405 Unable to show modal form within this context
406 Non-modal forms cannot be displayed in this host application from...
419 Permission to use object denied
423 Control 'item' not found
424 Form not found
425 Invalid object use
426 Only one MDI Form allowed
427 Invalid object type; Menu control required
428 Popup menu must have at least one submenu
429 License information for this component not found. You do not have...
444 Method not applicable in this context
460 Invalid Clipboard format
461 Specified format doesn't match format of data
480 Can't create AutoRedraw image
481 Invalid picture
482 Printer error
483 Printer driver does not support specified property
484 Problem getting printer information from the system. Make sure th...
485 Invalid picture type
486 Can't print form image to this type of printer
490 Top-level or invalid menu specified as PopupMenu default
520 Can't empty Clipboard
521 Can't open Clipboard
523 The data binding DLL, 'item', could not be loaded.
524 'item'
525 Data Access Error
527 The given bookmark was invalid
536 Could not lock the database
537 Could not access the desired Column
541 Could not lock the database
542 The row has been deleted since the update was started
545 Unable to bind to field: 'item'
672 DataObject formats list may not be cleared or expanded outside of...
673 Expected at least one argument
674 Recursive invocation of OLE drag and drop
675 Non-intrinsic OLE drag and drop formats used with SetData require...
676 Requested data was not supplied to the DataObject during the OLES...
688 Failure in AsyncRead
689 PropertyName parameter conflicts with the PropertyName of an Asyn...
690 Can't find or load the required file urlmon.dll
693 An unknown protocol was specified in Target parameter
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