This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Migrate Command (CQConverter)

Use the migrate command of the CQConverter command-line tool to migrate ClearQuest databases to Team Foundation Server.

Required Permissions

To use the CQConverter tool, you must be a member of the Service Accounts security group. For more information, see Team Foundation Server Permissions. Also, you must have the Super User permission for the ClearQuest database. For more information, see the ClearQuest Administrator's Guide.

CQConverter /c[ommand]:Migrate /m[igrationsettings]:Configuration XML file /s[chemamap]:Schema Map XML file


Argument Description

Configuration XML file

The XML file that specifies the CQConverter configuration parameters. For more information, see How to: Generate the Converter Configuration File.

Schema Map XML file

Migration schema mapping XML file. For more information, see How to: Edit the Schema Map File.

Option Description


Migrate ClearQuest database.


Specifies the configuration XML file that is used for migrating the ClearQuest database. For example, cqconverterconfig.xml.


Specifies the migration schema mapping XML file.

The CQConverter migration parameters are specified in the configuration XML file. Specify this file at the command line using the command-line option /m: or /migrationsettings: as the expanded form. For example: /m:cqconverterconfig.xml.


When CQConverter connects to ClearQuest the converter prompts you for a password. The converter connects to Team Foundation using the log on credentials.

In this example, the converter performs a migration using the configuration parameters that are defined in the cqconverterconfig.xml file and the mapping defined in the schemamap.xml file.

      >CQConverter /c:migrate /m:cqconverterconfig.xml /s:schemamap.xml