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Lesson 3: Filtering the Data in a Matrix (Report Builder 1.0)

Filters allow you to exclude data from the report. Apply filters when you want to view data that meets your specific criteria.

To filter the data in a matrix report

  1. On the Report menu, click Filter.

    The Filter Data dialog box opens.


    Alternatively, you can open the Filter Data dialog box by clicking the Filter button on the Report toolbar.

  2. In the Entities list, select Territory.

  3. In the Fields list, drag Name to the filter area on the right.

  4. Click the down arrow and select Northwest.

  5. In the Entities list, select Sales Order.

  6. From the Fields list, drag Ship Date to the filter area.

  7. Click equals, and the select From…To.

  8. In the From box, type 1/1/2001.

  9. In the To box, type 12/31/2002.

  10. Click OK.

You have successfully applied a simple filter to the data. Next, you will run the report so that you can see your report design with the actual data. See Lesson 4: Running a Matrix Report (Report Builder 1.0).

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