Lesson 3: Running a Chart Report (Report Builder 1.0)

In design mode, you are working with a representation of the data in the chart, not the data that exists in the underlying database. In this lesson, you will run the report to view the actual data in the chart that you just designed.

To run the report

  • In Report Builder design mode, click the Run Report button on the Report toolbar.


    Alternatively, on the View menu, click Run Report.

The report you created is displayed in Report Builder run mode. In run mode, you can print, save, group, and sort your data, and export the report as a different file type. You can switch back to design mode to continue refining your report.

You have successfully run the report. Next, you will switch back to design mode and then format the report. See Lesson 4: Formatting a Chart (Report Builder 1.0).

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