Working with Formulas (Report Builder)

Formulas are calculations performed on values in your report. Sometimes, they are referred to as expressions. A formula can contain functions, operators, constants, and references to fields or entities. You do not need to add an equals sign (=) to a formula in Report Builder because it is implicitly stated.

Formulas can look similar to any of the following:

  • Sum Line Total
  • 6+12
  • SUM(IF(Finished Goods Flag, "Finished", "Unfinished"))

Topic Description

Creating a New Field (Report Builder)

Discusses how to create a new field and assign a formula.

Understanding Formulas (Report Builder)

Discusses how to create a formula.

Modifying Formulas (Report Builder)

Discusses how to manipulate formulas by aggregating, filtering, and removing duplicates.

Using Functions (Report Builder)

Discusses the functions available in Report Builder.