Error pasting file into project

In Solution Explorer, the clipboard component that handles the copy/paste process failed. There are many possible reasons for this error including insufficient memory, clipboard locking by other applications, file creation failure, and incorrect clipboard format. You can try any of the following remedial actions:

  • Close other applications that are not currently needed and try the operation again.

  • Check the security settings of the target file directory. You can view the directory path by right-clicking the project folder in Solution Explorer and choosing Properties on the shortcut menu.

  • Restart SQL Server Management Studio and try again.

  • Restart your computer and try again.

  • If a pasted file fails several times, determine if the file was created by a newer application that might use an incompatible format. You can use the Windows Clipboard Viewer to view the contents of the clipboard.

  • Check the Microsoft Knowledge Base for any available new information on internal errors with the Visual Database Tools.

If this error persists, contact customer support services and let them help you resolve this problem.

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