Printing a Report (Report Builder 1.0)

After you design and run your report, you can print it. To print your report, use the print buttons available on the Run toolbar that appears in the Report Builder run mode window. You can specify the number of copies to print, select which printer to use, and specify the page orientation and margins.

The page size displayed in design or run mode is different from the page size used to print the report. When designing the report, the design area displays the print area specified in the Page Setup dialog box minus the margins. For example, if you specify the page size as 8.5x11 inches and specify 1 inch margins on all sides, the design area is displayed as 6.5x9 inches. These dimensions are indicated by the dotted line that shows the new page break. The full design area size does not change. When this report is printed, the page size used is 8.5x11 with a 1 inch margin specified on each edge of the paper. Default margin settings are .5 on each side.

You can specify print page margins in two different locations: the Page Setup dialog box opened from the File menu or by clicking the Page Setup button on the Run toolbar in run mode. If you specify the page setup settings using the Page Setup dialog box, this information is saved in the report definition when the report is saved. When you set the Page Setup dialog box settings, the report is run again. If you specify the print page information using the Page Setup button, this information is not saved in the report definition and the next time you print the report, you will need to indicate your print margins again.

Print margins are only displayed in Print Preview, not when viewing the report in Report Builder run mode.

If you save the report to the report server, the report can be run and then printed from the server as well. To learn more about printing a report on the report server, see Microsoft SQL Server Books Online.

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