Working with Tables (Report Builder 1.0)

A table presents data row by row. Tables have a set number of columns but the number of rows in the table changes to accommodate all the data. Using a table is a way to quickly group information around a single idea.

For example, suppose you are a sales manager and you want to create a report that tracks the sales record for each of the sales people that report to you. You would probably want columns that indicate the following information for each employee: EmployeeID, first and last name, the sales quota amount, the total sales year-to-date amount, and the sales region. Because you have more than one sales person assigned to specific regions, you might want to group the data in your report by Region. The number of rows expands to accommodate the number of sales people that report to you. Your report design might look similar to the following image.

A table layout design.

When you run the report, the report looks similar to the following image.

A table report with data.

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