How to: Add, Move, or Delete a Filter Condition (Report Builder 1.0)

To apply a filter to your report, you must have at least one filter condition. You can add unlimited conditions.

To add a filter condition

  1. On the Report menu, click Filter.


    Alternatively, open the Filter Data dialog box by clicking the Filter button on the Report toolbar.

  2. In the Filter Data dialog box, double-click the entity or field name or drag it to the filter area.

    The filter condition is added to the filter area. When a header is shaded, the group is selected. When you double-click an item, it is added to the selected item in the filter area.

  3. Click the equals comparison operator and select the operator that you want to use.

  4. Type or select the criteria value.

  5. To add additional filter conditions, follow steps 2 through 4.

  6. When done, Click OK.

    The Filter Data dialog box closes.

When you run the report, the filter is applied.

To move a filter condition

  • To move a filter condition to a new group, click the entity or field name and drag the filter condition to the new location.

    - OR -

  • To move a filter condition within the group, drag the entity or field name away from its current location. It is automatically added to the end of the group.

To delete a filter condition

  • Click the entity or field name, and then click Remove Condition.

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