Breaking Changes to Integration Services Features in SQL Server 2008

This topic describes breaking changes in Integration Services. These changes might break applications, scripts, or functionalities that are based on earlier versions of SQL Server. You might encounter these issues when you upgrade. For more information, see Using Upgrade Advisor to Prepare for Upgrades.

The following table describes breaking changes between the version of Integration Services that is included with SQL Server 2008 and the version of Integration Services that is included in earlier releases.



Provider names in connection strings

In SQL Server 2008, the names for the SQL Server Native Client provider and OLE DB Provider for Analysis Services have changed, and their connection strings use a different value. To automatically update connection strings that use these provider names, use the SSIS Package Upgrade Wizard to upgrade SQL Server 2005 packages. You can also update these connection strings automatically or manually in BI Development Studio.

Third-party and custom components

In SQL Server 2008, Integration Services has changed its application programming interfaces (APIs). To be compatible with these new APIs, all third-party and custom components must be recompiled.

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