Visual Studio 6.0


BOOL SetText( LPCTSTR lpszText, int nPane, int nType );

Return Value

Nonzero if successful; otherwise zero.



Address of a null-terminated string specifying the text to set. If nType is SBT_OWNERDRAW, lpszText represents 32 bits of data.


Zero-based index of the part to set. If this value is 255, the status bar control is assumed to be a simple control having only one part.


Type of drawing operation. It can be one of these values:

  • 0   The text is drawn with a border to appear lower than the plane of the status bar.

  • SBT_NOBORDERS   The text is drawn without borders.

  • SBT_OWNERDRAW   The text is drawn by the parent window.

  • SBT_POPOUT   The text is drawn with a border to appear higher than the plane of the status bar.


Call this function to set the text in the given part of a status bar control. The message invalidates the portion of the control that has changed, causing it to display the new text when the control next receives the WM_PAINT message.


VERIFY( SetText("Text For Pane 1", 1, 0) );

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See Also   CStatusBarCtrl::GetText, CStatusBarCtrl::GetTextLength