Visual Studio 6.0


int GetParts( int nParts, int* pParts ) const;

Return Value

The number of parts in the control if successful, or zero otherwise.



Number of parts for which to retrieve coordinates. If this parameter is greater than the number of parts in the control, the message retrieves coordinates for existing parts only.


Address of an integer array having the same number of elements as the number of parts specified by nParts. Each element in the array receives the client coordinate of the right edge of the corresponding part. If an element is set to  – 1, the position of the right edge for that part extends to the right edge of the status bar.


Call this function to retrieve a count of the parts in a status bar control. This member function also retrieves the coordinate of the right edge of the given number of parts.


int pParts[2];

int nParts = GetParts( 2, pParts );

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See Also   CStatusBarCtrl::GetBorders, CStatusBarCtrl::SetParts