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Introduction to Development Tutorial

.NET Framework 1.1

In this tutorial, you will walk through the process of developing several small programs that use the next generation of Visual Studio language tools to take advantage of the new .NET Framework and common language runtime. You will start with the simplest of programs — command-line versions of the traditional Hello World program — in each of the three Visual Studio .NET languages: Managed Extensions for C++, Visual Basic, and Visual C#.

These simple programs will introduce you to working with the new runtime and to the process of developing for a managed environment where many common programming elements — for example, garbage collection and a rich class library — are already provided.

You will then be led through the development of a small, component-based client/server application. This application shows a server DLL component — written in each of the three languages — being called from five different clients: command-line applications for each of the same three languages, a Windows-enhanced client using the new Windows Forms library, and a Web server page using a Web server control that demonstrates the new integration among ASP.NET, the .NET Framework and runtime, and the new language tools.

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