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Appendix A: Additional Resource Information

.NET Framework 1.1


For additional information on how the .NET Framework locates assemblies when they are referenced at run time, see How the Runtime Locates Assemblies. This topic covers the Assembly Resolver, strong-named and private assemblies, application and administrator version policies, code base locations, and QFE updates.

Language and Country/Region Tags

The .NET Framework supports only the 165 old-style (ISO 639-1) two -letter codes from the current list of 438 "Codes for the Representation of the Names of Languages." The following table contains additional sources for information about language and country/region tags. Library of Congress standard for ISO639-2, "Codes for the Representation of the Names of Languages" Text of RFC 1766 Language Codes: ISO 639, Microsoft and Macintosh ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency

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Appendix B: Resource Tools