This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Windows Forms QuickStart

.NET Framework 1.1

The Windows Forms QuickStart is a series of Windows Forms samples and supporting commentary designed to quickly acquaint you with the programming model, architecture, and power of Windows Forms. The samples are brief, easy-to-understand illustrations of Windows Forms features.

To use the Windows Forms QuickStart to full advantage, you should be familiar with object-oriented programming as well as concepts such as windows, controls, and menus. You should have experience building applications using Microsoft Windows or a similar graphical user interface (GUI) programming system. If you have experience building applications using the Win32 API, MFC, or the Visual Basic forms package, then you will quickly acquire an understanding of Windows Forms.

This following sections of this documentation provide concise summaries of each Windows Forms QuickStart sample. The documentation does not include the actual samples. To view the samples online, see QuickStart samples. This site also offers additional information about the .NET Framework.

To install and run the QuickStart samples, see the StartSamples.htm file in the \Samples folder of the .NET Framework SDK installation directory.

Windows Forms QuickStart Categories


ActiveX Hosting

Application Model

Control Authoring

Control Reference

Data Binding

Document Layout


Internet Explorer Sourcing