Microsoft.Csf.ProfileManager.Messages Namespace

Connected Services Framework

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
AddUserToRolesRequest Request message to add a user to roles.
AddUserToRolesResponse Response to adding a user to roles request.
CheckIsUserInRoleRequest Check user in role request message.
CheckIsUserInRoleResponse Check user in role response message.
CheckRoleExistsRequest The request message to check if a role exists.
CheckRoleExistsResponse The response to checking if a role exists.
CreateRolesRequest The request message to create new roles.
CreateRolesResponse The response to the request to create new roles.
CreateUserServiceMappingRequest Request message to create a user service mapping.
CreateUserServiceMappingResponse The response to the user service mapping create request.
DeleteRoleRequest The delete roles request message.
DeleteRoleResponse Response to the delete roles request.
DeleteUserFromRolesRequest Message to delete a user from roles.
DeleteUserFromRolesResponse Response to the request to delete a user from roles.
DeleteUserServiceMappingRequest User service mapping delete request.
DeleteUserServiceMappingResponse User service mapping delete response.
ListUsersInRoleRequest Request message to list users in roles.
ListUsersInRoleResponse Response message listing users in the role.
PropagateAttributeCompleteResponse Message indicating the final status of propagate attribute request.
PropagateAttributePayloadRequest The propagate attribute request message sent to initiate to attribute change.
PropagateAttributeResponse Acknowledgement message sent in reponse to propagate attribute request.
ReadUserServiceMappingRequest Request message to read the user to service mapping.
ReadUserServiceMappingResponse The response to the user service mapping request.
UpdateUserServiceMappingRequest The request to update the user service mappings.
UpdateUserServiceMappingResponse The response to a request to update the user service mapping.
UserServiceMappingPageInfo The details of the UserServicemappingPageInfo class
UserServiceMappingServiceDetails The details of the user service mapping with applicationContext and serviceName