Microsoft.Csf.Sdk Namespace

Connected Services Framework

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
AddressInformation Holds a Uri address and corresponding Properties.
ClientMessage After the message is delivered to the GlobalSoapReceiver it is parsed and packaged up into a ClientMessage that is then delivered to all subscribers.
Credentials The only use for this class is a base polymorphic class so all security tokens are of type credentials.
CsfMessageEventArgs The body of the SoapEnvelope will be deserialized and the remainder of the envelope will be parsed and a ClientMessage will be populated and sent to all subscribers.
GenericMessageReceiver This is a concrete class that will allow users to register for soap events if they do not want to inherit from SdkBase.
GlobalSoapReceiver Translates incoming SOAP messages into SOAP events.
HeaderInfo Keeps track of a list of name value pairs that will be attached to the message.
MessageContext The MessageContext provides the context information about routing of messages when the message is sent through the SDK.
ParseSoapEnvelopeHeader Parses out the headers from the SoapEnvelope
Properties Contains a name/value pair of properties that are stored in AddressInformation class. These translate into Reference Properties.
SdkBase SDKbase must be inherited by all Consumer connectors classes. This gets the receive function passed down to the consumer connector level which allows WSDL's to be generated.
SoapEventArgs The SoapEventArgs wraps a SoapEnvelope for delivery to all subscribers.
UserNameToken Security class that holds a UserName and Password that will be attached to all outgoing messages.
XmlHeaders This class contains the header information for the messages sent and received by the Sdk.


Delegate Description
CsfDiscardEventHandler Delegate to return messages that have not been subscribed to.
CsfMessageEventHandler Delegate to return messages has been subscribed to. Registration for these messages are done based on action using RegisterActionEvent.
CsfSoapEventHandler Delegate to return messages that have been subscribed to. Registration for these messages are done based on action using RegisterSoapEvent.