Message Delivery
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Message Delivery

Connected Services Framework

Due to the complex behavior of Session, there are additional debugging steps that may be required to determine the cause of unexpected behavior. The major cause of these types of issues relates to the Session Manifest sent to Session when creating the Session. Undelivered messages may be due to:

  • Un-matched routing criteria. The Session will route messages based on the criteria that matches in the routing table. If none of the criteria matches, the message will not be routed, and will be discarded.

  • Incorrect routing criteria. There are a number of attributes of a message that may be tested in the routing table to determine what routing Session will do with messages. You should verify that the attributes of the message you sent to session are actually in the expected parts of the message and that they are exact string matches for the criteria itself.

Please refer to the "Creating Session Manifests" page in this Development Guide.

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