Connected Services Framework QuickStart Samples

Connected Services Framework

The Connected Services Framework Session component is the central collaboration entity that enables service collaboration among Web services. It provides facilities to manage message routing, identity mediation, policy enforcement, and security enforcement between Web service participants.

The Connected Services Framework QuickStart samples are standalone Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET 2003 solutions.  Each sample has a simple Microsoft Windows® Forms UI client and corresponding Web services designed to demonstrate how to perform basic tasks with the Connected Services Framework Session component.

The table below lists QuickStart samples that ship with Connected Services Framework and provides a brief description of the objective of each sample:




Demonstrates how to compose a manifest, create a session, and route a request to a participant through the Session component.

Counting Service

Demonstrates how to use the Service Catalog component to retrieve service URIs given UDDI binding keys, compose a manifest using the URIs, create a session, and route a request to the session.

Intercept Participant

Demonstrates how to incorporate an intercept participant to a session to intercept and transform incoming requests before routing them.

VAS Participant

Demonstrates how to implement a VAS participant, that is, a participant that implements a WES interface, and incorporate a Persona participant to a session to demonstrate the Single Sign-On (SSO) facility provided by the Connected Services Framework.

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