Profile Management with Connected Services Framework

Connected Services Framework
Profile information can also be distributed among services. This is similar to the method used to map identities, as shown in Identity Management with CSF Identity Manager.

For example, Amazon may have its own profile information associated with its identity; and Hosted Exchange may have its own set of profile information associated with its identity.

Profile Manager handles not only users but also services, developers, partners, and so forth. The profile management modules must provide the correct mapping links between all the identities and the related profiles. It is architecturally preferable that the information held within this module be a pointer rather than an actual copy of the profile itself. However, implementation may dictate that some of the profile information be cached locally. When this happens, machinery is required to ensure that the data stays in synch and that all updates are managed appropriately.

Within Session, profile information is accessed through the persona participant (described later in this topic) just as the identity is accessed through its participant object.

The Profile Manager component provides user profile services for CSF and for the Web service value-added service (VAS) systems that use Connected Services Framework.

Within Connected Services Framework, the Profile Manager component is a Web Services Enhancements (WSE) 2.0 Web service that provides:

  • WSE interface to Active Directory
  • BizTalk orchestration for propagating attributes across VAS systems
  • User-Service Mapping table

The Profile Manager component consists of five endpoints:

  • ProfileManager
  • VasProfileManager
  • RoleManager
  • UserRoleManager
  • UserServiceMapping

For more information about each endpoint, see Calling the Profile Manager Component.