The Profile Manager Component

Connected Services Framework
The Connected Services Framework Profile Manager component provides:
  • A WSE interface to Active Directory
  • BizTalk orchestration for propagating attributes across value-added services (VAS) systems
  • The User-Service Mapping table

The Profile Manager component provides user profile services for the Connected Services Framework and Web services (VAS) that use the Connected Services Framework.

The Profile Manager component consists of five endpoints: ProfileManager, VasProfileManager, RoleManager, UserRoleManager, and UserServiceMapping.

In 2.5, a single combined endpoint, ProfileManager was added to aggregate all the Profile Manager calls.  The separate end points have been maintained.  The new single endpoint may be used instead of the separate endpoints in most cases. If there are modifications to existing calls, the new aggregate endpoint will support only the newest version of the call. 

The sending of the Propagate Attribute request directly to the ProfileManager endpoint is allowed, it will simply forward the request on to the appropriate BizTalk orchestration.

The ProfileManagerClient is designed to send requests to any of these endpoints, the target end point is specified when the request is passed in to the client in the MessageContext class.  Use of the new aggregate endpoint is recommended.